The 5 most important questions about our catering

Maxim Papric
2 min. reading time

1. how long will the food truck stay at my party?

As a rule, we plan with an output duration of 2.5 hours for groups of 70 to 200 people. If, for example, due to the occasion, planning or group size, a longer or shorter framework is given, we implement it. In one hour we can serve up to 550 people!

2. how can I ensure that every guest is full with the catering?

The satisfaction of your guests is our most important concern, because we live from the recommendation!

We always offer our main dishes at a flat rate. This means that we charge a flat rate per guest, at which everyone can eat until he/she is full. Our quantities are always sufficient, so that even latecomers or guests with a second hunger still have the full selection.

And as an organizer, you have precise cost control thanks to our all-inclusive prices.

3. what kind of connections do I need to provide for the truck?

We work almost self-sufficiently. We only need a power connection on site. Depending on truck and food selection, we have other devices on board. Mostly we only need a household 230 V connection (socket), sometimes a 16 A power current is an advantage!

4. what costs should I expect for a food truck?

Our catering starts from about 15 € per person. Our prices are always a combination of the desired selection, the journey, duration and event size. Ask us about your key data and we will create an individual catering offer for you. Without obligation and free of charge.

5. in which cities can you book your food truck catering?

We are basically active with our food trucks throughout Germany! However, this depends on the event size and duration. Small events up to 70 people, we perceive throughout NRW, our core area includes Cologne / Bonn, Dusseldorf, Wuppertal and surrounding areas, as well as the entire Ruhr area and the Münsterland.

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