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We are your food truck that creates a culinary variety from local products and ingredients. We are committed to creating delicious food to delight your guests.

Food collection from StreetQuizine food truck

Your event should be remembered for the right reasons

Our menu offers a variety of options: Burgers, Bowls, BBQ or vegetarian/vegan options. And the best part? We offer proven catering packages to ensure your guests want for nothing and make your event a success.

Burger package

Our premium burger catering package offers you regional and high quality ingredients as well as different meat or vegetarian patty options.

BBQ package

The BBQ package includes a selection of juicy meats from the grill and oven.

Man accepts a burger from StreetQuizine food truck

Burrito Bowl

Our Burrito Bowl package gives you a delicious blend of South American flavors and fresh ingredients for a versatile and delicious meal.


We also offer delicious vegetarian alternatives to ensure that all guests are fully served at our catering service.

Courteous catering, great variety & skilled chefs.

A StreetQuizine food truck offers more than just lovable delicacies ... With our complete all-in-one catering, we cover both individual food requests and the complete service area. So there is not a single hungry guest left nor the smallest residual waste on the tables or the floor.

Burger catering from StreetQuizine food truck

Premium Burger Package

Our premium burger with spelt bun from our regional house bakery - Wild herb salad I Original Japanese mayonnaise I Italian mozzarella I Homemade burger sauce I Caramelized onions I Ox heart tomato I Salad cucumber I Optional: Crispy fried bacon

Choose four from our seven varieties for your catering:

  • Tender flank steak strips of Bavarian beef

  • Sous Vide cooked chicken in teriyaki marinade

  • Pulled beef from Bavarian beef

  • Pulled Pork from "Duroc" pig

  • Oriental falafel patty (veg)

  • Spicy sweet potato patty (veg)

  • Crispy vegetable tempura (veg)

Optionally also as a classic package with our curry sausage with homemade sauce!

Mexico Bowl Catering Package from StreetQuizine

Mexico Bowl Package

Fresh Mexican burrito style bowls with select ingredients - Brown rice I Spicy beans I Grilled vegetables I Roasted corn I Fruity mango salsa I Fresh guacamole I

Wild herb salad I Fresh salad mix of the dayIn up to three varieties:

  • Juicy chicken with kaffir lime

  • Mexican picadillo with beef and "Duroc" or optional veggie version

  • Pulled beef from Bavarian beef

  • Pulled pork from "Duroc

Also possible in combination with our burgers!

Asian Bowl from StreetQuizine Foodtruck

Asia Bowl Package

Fresh bowls with Asian flavors and select ingredients - Sushi Rice I Kimchi Salad I Soy Beans I Mango I Teriyaki Sauce I Tempura Vegetables I Japanese Mayo

In three varieties:

  • Teriyaki chicken

  • Flank steak cubes tender pink

  • Sesame crispy tofu (vegan)

Also possible in combination with our burgers!

BBQ Package from StreetQuizine

BBQ package

BBQ package from the grill and from the 800° oven - Juicy flank steak from Bavarian beef I French corn chicken suprême in garlic-chili-mint marinade I Lacquered pork belly + sausages from the "Duke of Berkshire" pig I Premium burger with steak or falafel I Argentine wild shrimp skewers I Halloumi vegetable skewers

Side dishes: Homemade BBQ sauce I Herb curd cheese I Bread basket I Grilled corn on the cob I Early potatoes or alternatively French fries I Caesar salad I Melon salad with feta cheese

New: Also available as Winter BBQ!

French premium catering package from StreetQuizine

French package

  • Bavarian beef roast beef with herb crust from the 800° oven, freshly carved in front of the guests

  • Grilled corn chicken breast suprême from France

  • Fresh Italian tagliatelle, optional as truffle pasta

  • Young potatoes or optional French fries

  • Red wine sauce with French shallots

  • Fresh ratatouille vegetables

We are happy to include individual requests!

Vegetarian burgers from StreetQuizine food truck

Vegetarian / Vegan

We are happy to put together a combination of our burgers, bowls and flatbread wraps for you. Completely vegetarian or also completely vegan.

Vegetarian package

  • Oriental falafel patty

  • Spicy sweet potato patty

  • Crisp vegetable tempura

Vegetarian Bowls

  • Veggie Picadillo with soy mince

  • Crisp vegetable tempura

  • Mushroom ragout with chili

Premium Christmas Catering Package

Christmas catering package

Fresh cheese spaetzle with onion crunch

Bowl with Pulled Duck or alternatively mushroom ragout (veg), homemade cheese spaetzle, cranberry sauce and red cabbage

Our premium burger with spelt bun (roll) from our regional house bakery in the winter edition - with Pulled Duck from the Freilandente or vegetarian with winter falafel patty

Bratwurst from the Duke of Berkshire and Eifler beef, optionally also as Currywurst

Side dishes: Crispy French fries

Optional with our mulled wine options and baked apple or crepes!

Pita bread from Streetquizine food truck

Pita bread wrap package

Our premium wraps with Moroccan bread from our regional specialty bakery - Wild Herb Salad I French Cherry Tomatoes I Italian Mozzarella I Homemade Tandoori Spiced Yogurt I Grilled Vegetable Hummus with Tahini (Israeli Sesame Paste) I

In our three varieties:

  • Bavarian beef flank steak

  • Sous Vide cooked chicken

  • Oriental Falafel Balls (veg)

Optionally also as burger and wrap combo package!

Finger food, salads and soups

Finger food

Fresh bread selection with herb curd on the tables
Beet with baked feta cheese
Buffalo mozzarella with cherry tomatoes
Melon cubes with air-dried Serrano ham and mozzarella cheese
Baked argentinian wild shrimps on kimchi salad with mango and avocado
Spanish tortilla with organic egg and grilled vegetables
Veal tip with Japanese mayonnaise, caper tartar and wild herb salad
Vitello tonnato with capers apple
Balsamic lentils with smoked duck breast
Flank steak cubes with tomato jam and croutons
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Salad selection

Quinoa tabouleh I parsley I cranberries I lemon I avocado
Coleslaw I Citrus
Caesar Salad I Romana I Parmesan I cherry tomatoes
Beet salad I apple I arugula I beet I feta cheese
Chickpea salad I pineapple I carrot I herbs
Dumpling Salad I Tomatoes I Buffalo Mozzarella
Cucumber tomato I Baharat spice I feta cheese
Coleslaw I Cabbage I QP Mayo I Mustard I Parsley
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Carrot Ginger Soup I Coconut Milk I Chili
Asian pumpkin soup I coconut milk I toasted sesame oil I spices
Hungarian goulash I beef I paprika I onion
Thai Tom Kha Gai I Chicken I Lemongrass I Kaffir Lime I Coconut
Shrimp chili soup I chili I coconut milk
Italian pea stew I bacon I lentils
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Dessert selection from StreetQuizine

Chocolate brownie

Made of Belgian chocolate with almond slivers, mango sauce and berry topping

Crêpes - fresh on the spot

Crêpe with Belgian chocolate, cinnamon sugar, Nutella or apricot jam and fresh berries

Cream dessert

A layered dessert of Italian mascarpone, almond cookie base, strawberry coulis and fresh berries.

Crème brûlée

With fresh berries and raspberry sauce - flambéed fresh on the spot!

Baked apple - Christmas special

A layered dessert of Italian mascarpone, almond cookie base, strawberry coulis and fresh berries.

Mango Passion Fruit Cake

Mango passion fruit cake cakes with blueberries, fruity passion fruit flavors and a layer of caramel

Unsure which package fits your event?

Let us advise you and tell us the key data and your wishes. If the packages do not meet your needs, we will find a catering package that will make you and your guests happy.